stablished in 1986, Sign Power has followed the progress of computer aided design and mixed traditional techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for all signage requirements.
So whether it be hand lettered signage on corrugated metal, computer generated vinyl graphics or a fantastic mural, you need go no further than Sign Power's expertise.
We can scan from camera ready artwork to reproduce your company logo or stylised lettering.
Proofs of your artwork can be created upon your request so you know exactly how your signage is going to look before it is completed.
The criteria for successful signage is complex and variable. Many rules should be observed and questions asked and that's where Sign Power can help.
Consider the audience
Should it be big or small?
Is it for identifying, directing, information or advertising?
High impact or aesthetically pleasing?
Can it be 3 dimensional?
Consider the surrounding environment (reducing visual pollution can promote a positive reaction).
Should the colour be monochromatic, complimentary, or analogous?
Less can mean more! Avoid cluttering
Etc.... Etc... Etc....

rt director and partner, Geoff Hupfeld, has worked as a graphic artist with Channel Nine illustrating stories for 'Here's Humprey', graphics for the 'Curiosity Show' and various press ads for newspapers.
Geoff has achieved various awards during his career including: 
Representing South Australian secondary schools in matriculation fine art;
Winning signwriting's 'Best Apprentice' award in three consecutive years;
Winning the Department of Further Education bronze medallion for 'Apprentice of the Year';
Awarded the 'Queensland Overseas Foundation Scholarship' sponsored by the Queensland Chamber of Commerce, Mount Isa Mines and the Queensland Government.
Whatever you can imagine, we can create. The possibilities are endless. Remember, "a business with no sign, is a sign of no business!"

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